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"Ghost Trackers. Yes. We're back.", If you know something you'd like to see on this web site, tell me.

Spokane Ghost Trackers is my way of researching the unexplained. I'm all by myself now but still have a great interst. I don't claim to "bust" ghosts, in fact, most spirits are there for a reason. What I DO is research the problem and try to give you answers as to why it's happening and how you can deal with it.
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Quick headlines of the Paranormal from around the world:

Chicago ghost planes
Just what are the ghost planes of Chicago?
No ones quite sure, but theyre spooking pilots and air traffic controllers alike. Images of airplanes that either do no exist or are very far away are popping up on radar that controls traffic at OHare International Airport, according to reports.
And on a few occasions, controllers at Terminal Radar Approach Control center in Elgin unnecessarily ordered pilots to make sudden, dangerous moves to avoid the false images.
The ghosting is a complete terror for the air traffic controllers, Charles Bunting, president of the Elgin local of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, told the Chicago Sun-Times.
Descend Immediately,
The unnecessary orders issued suddenly by the controllers include: immediate right turn, immediate left turn, and descend immediately, according to the newspaper. In addition to planes that arent really there, controllers reported seeing airplanes from nearby airports appear much closer to OHare than they actually were.
Some blame dated equipment. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into it, but they offer other possibilities. False radar images can appear when a crane or construction tower is put up, said FAA spokesman Tony Molinaro.
Over the past five weeks there have been 13 unsubstantiated reports, meaning we still need to look into them, Molinaro said.
The FAA normally would expect about eight or nine reports of ghost images during that time, he said.
Mike Egan, vice president of the controllers union at Elgin, accused the FAA of downplaying a serious problem, calling their number bald-faced lie.
Maybe 130, but not 13, Egan told the newspaper. We had a couple of them today, as a matter of fact. They know theres a problem.
In one case, an airplane appeared on radar north of the airport at 4,000 feet. In fact, the plane was on final approach to Midway Airport, according to the newspaper.

"Get me the Ghostbusters."
Shellbyville, KY.
After drawers opening on their own, feelings of someone grabbing their legs and constant creaking noises, the police called a group of Paranormal investigators to check the building out and see if they can find anything.
"The goal is to try to prove the strange occurrences arent caused by paranormal forces," said Kay Owen, vice president of the nonprofit ghosting hunting team, which doesnt charge for its services.
Heat columns, jiggling drawers and doors opening by themselves are just some of things going on in the building which was built in the 19th Century.


Loyd Aurbach describes Parapsychology as the investigating of ghosts and/or supernatural. I used to agree with this, but since then, I have noticed that Parapsychologist is about the only way to describe the field now, thanks in part to a little film we all know as Ghostbusters.
There are other fields such as Demonologists, aura-readers, numerologists, palmists even astrologists. Some cross over to study many fields. One example would be to say a brain Surgeon, Pediatrist, or Heart Specialist are still called doctor. This is why my site will define Parapsychology in the broad sense. If you see something that interests you, I urge you to look at that field and not just parasychology itself.

Since getting paid to be a parapsychologist is almost a pipe dream as well as only one school I know of to actually give an accredited Masters degree (John F. Kennedy University)in parapsycholgy, I have basically studied the paranormal and supernatural "on my own dime".
I have been interested in parapsychology almost from day ONE. I'm interested in all things paranormal, not just the occult, be it ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot, or anything else that defies an easy explanation.

Sidebar: For those who don't know, the Occult is defined as "knowledge of the supernatural" and does not automatically mean evil or deamons.

My grandmother was very much into the paranormal and kept scrap book clippings of unusual stories which she passed down to me after she died. I guess it's been in my head for some time.

What is ECTOPLASM?: Is Ectoplasm real?

Well, sort of?
We're all used to the Ectoplasm as seen in movies like Ghostbusters and Poltergeist, but mainly, Ectoplasm is the "residue" that ghosts have on images. Like the heat given off a road in the summer.
When Ectoplasm is seen, most likely a spirtual event is or has happend. What Ectoplasm could be, is the magnetic fields emanating from certain spots on the Earth. Ectoplasm can sometimes be seen in photographs of mediums around the heart or mind. Many sham mediums use fake plasm dropped from the ceiling or releases on someone when they are not looking.
So does it exist? Yes, but more as a aura and less, well...
"Egon! You're mucus.".

Got all that? Good.
Now please look around, have fun and don't forget to pick up after yourself.

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